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Accepting appointments for
 Now through May 2024

Hawaii   &  California

Clinical Director

Autism  Assessment,
What  to  expect
(The assessment is a five week process) 

Initial Step

Initially you can contact me by email or phone and set up a brief 5 minute consultation to confirm your interest in an Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluation. 

First Step

Week One:

We set up our first initial session via a virtual platform. This session will last approximately 3 hours and will need to be conducted with one or two parents/caregivers who know about the developmental history of the individual being assessed. Also forms/surveys will be distributed for appropriate people to complete (teachers, caregivers, individual being assessed). First 1/2 of fee is due at this time.

Second Step

Week Two:

We will set up a second session either remote or in person (TBD) that will last approximately 3 hours. This will be only with the individual being assessed for autism. Second 1/2 of fee due at this time. 

Third Step

Week Three:

Forms will be collected usually by mail. No additional charge

Fourth Step

Week 4:

One more session may be scheduled if necessary. No additional Charge.

Fifth Step

Week Five:

A final feedback session will be scheduled approximately 5 weeks after first session. A report ranging from 12 - 25 pages will be delivered and the results and recommendations will be discussed with the individual being assessed and any other individuals who need to be involved. The evaluation is complete at this point. No Additional charge. 

Follow up sessions may be scheduled for additional fees. 



Cash or Credit Card

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